Theatre Book

Theatre Book turns a book into an intimate cinematic experience by combining a pop-up format with pico projection. It’s perfectly pint-sized Shakespeare with all the delicacy of the text and all the drama of the stage production. The project is a collaboration between the RSC, Davy & Kristin McGuire (who head an award-winning creative studio … Continue reading Theatre Book

Sculpting in Jelly

I’ve been busy programming and preparing to deliver Watershed’s Future Producer programme. Below I reflect on the first weekend-long intensive workshop with the cohort. Day One: Sculpting in Jelly The day began with an introduction to the programme and an icebreaker challenge that saw the cohort compete to build towers from marshmallows and spaghetti. With … Continue reading Sculpting in Jelly

A Fresh Perspective

Recently I had the pleasure to collaborate with the digital communications teams at Arts Council England and the British Council, as part of the No Boundaries conference. This saw me support a team of young journalists and photographers who documented and responded to debates across the conference. The aim was to develop the participants’ understanding of … Continue reading A Fresh Perspective

Notes on Portraiture

Jordi Ruiz Cirera, Margarita Teichroeb from the series Menonos, 2011 Ask ‘What is captured in a portrait?’ and more questions arise thick and fast. Successful portraits, if one believes Henri Matisse, are contingent ‘on the projection of the feeling of the artist in relation to his model rather than in organic accuracy’.¹ What does ‘accuracy’ mean … Continue reading Notes on Portraiture